Your Free Introduction

Your Free Introduction

Get a sneak peek into the foundational components behind GST with five free videos for beginners with little to no equipment.

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Your Free Introduction
  • MM: Moving Your Fascia to Open Your Hips

    Movement Medicine
    Type: Do
    Length: 19 mins
    Equipment: GST Roll-X

    This video will teach you how to start to move your fascia, focusing on ways to do that to open your hips in some hip stretches that are done on the floor. This is a great video for newbies to GST.

    Good For: flexibility, pain, h...

  • MM: Open Your Front Line to Release Stress

    Movement Medicine
    Type: Do
    Length: 10 mins
    Equipment: Ottoman, stool or similar piece of furniture

    This great 10 minute video can help you relieve stress by opening the front line of your body! It's perfect to combat the physical effects that you might be feeling right now from all the stressors...

  • AA: GST Althea Aging and Upper Hemisphere Continuum

    Type: Do
    Length: 14 mins
    Equipment: None

    Learn some helpful information about your upper hemisphere (upper body), and about why you feel like you're aging with aches and pains in your mid back and shoulders.

    Good For: pain, upper body, arms, shoulders, mid back, mobility

  • AA: 30 Min Seated Flow

    Althea Aging
    Type: Flow
    Length: 29 mins
    Equipment: Ottoman or stool, GST Body Bar and Micro Bars (Replacements are suggested in the video if you don't have these)

    This 30 minute flow is designed for you to do at home on an ottoman or similar piece of furniture. If you do not have a GST Body Bar...

  • CC: Create Fascial Strength with Lunges

    Conscious Conditioning
    Type: Do
    Length: 9 mins
    Equipment: Friction Sliders (or a substitute) and something to hold on to for balance

    This exercise will help you create strength in your fascia, especially in your hips and legs, as you create more flow in the tissue! Anna is using a GST Body Bar ...