Your Free Introduction

Your Free Introduction

Get a sneak peek into the foundational components behind GST with five free videos for beginners with little to no equipment.

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Your Free Introduction
  • MM: Understanding Pain and Getting Started

    Movement Medicine
    Type: Learn
    Length: 24 mins
    Equipment: None

    This video with Anna will introduce you to some basic concepts behind GST Movement Medicine. Start to understand why you have pain and what you can do with GST to help that pain.

    Good For: education, introduction, pain, rehab

  • MM: Compression and Lower Hemisphere Opening

    Movement Medicine
    Type: Do
    Length 18 mins
    Equipment: Wall and optional Dermatraction Mat

    Learn about GST Movement Medicine and compression and put that new knowledge into practice with an exercise for your lower hemisphere.

    Good For: pain, hips, lower back, mobility, legs

  • AA: GST Althea Aging and Upper Hemisphere Continuum

    Type: Do
    Length: 14 mins
    Equipment: None

    Learn some helpful information about your upper hemisphere (upper body), and about why you feel like you're aging with aches and pains in your mid back and shoulders.

    Good For: pain, upper body, arms, shoulders, mid back, mobility

  • AA: GST Althea-Aging and our Pendular Leg Swing!

    Type: Do
    Length: 16 mins
    Equipment: Something for balance (like a counter) and optional ankle weight and yoga block

    Get an intro to Althea-Aging and try out some of the concepts with our Pendular Leg Swing. You just need a bar, counter or surface to hang on.

    Good For: balance, lym...

  • CC: Restorative Continuum Movement and Floorwork Class

    Conscious Conditioning
    Type: Flow
    Length: 20 mins
    Equipment: None (Optional Dermatraction or Yoga Mat)

    This 20 min sequence will take you through a slower combo of continuum movement and floor exercises.

    Good For: stretch, flexibility, mobility, lymphatic flush